Tree Species/Stock Type Selection

Wetland Mitigation Tree Specifications Planning Tool Request


This work is the follow-up to the results from the Sustainable Created Forested Wetlands project, and is being conducted by the College of William and Mary. Using the data from that research program, its goal is to develop a protocol for the most effective selection of species, stocktypes, and densities to meet the recommended success criteria.

Request for Proposals

Amount awarded: $29,620

The Wetland Mitigation Tree Specifications Planning Tool (Version 2.0_Beta) has been developed for wetland mitigation planners and designers. The purpose of this tool is to allow users to develop a tree planting palette and make predictions about tree-specific ecological performance standards (EPS) and planting costs based on empirically derived relationships developed from RPG research programs. Users of this Microsoft Excel workbook can input project-specific data, tree species and stocktypes, and unit costs to derive summary projections for both stem density and stem area at groundline (SAG) EPS over the period of performance for a typical monitoring cycle (i.e., Years 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10). This version of the Wetland Mitigation Tree Specifications Planning Tool has been approved for Beta release. Comments are welcome and may be submitted via email to Doug DeBerry at