Mission Statement

The Resource Protection Group works to protect, restore, enhance and increase public awareness and understanding of our natural and cultural resources, including the stormwater systems that contribute waters to our aquatic resources such as steams, wetlands, lakes, and ponds. Cultural and heritage resources are often associated with aquatic resources since water is a central element to human life. The protection, restoration and enhancement of aquatic resources need to include the adjacent stream valleys, uplands buffers and contributing stormwater systems as much as possible in order to maximize aquatic and cultural resource values.

The Resource Protection Group intends to implement programs in the following areas to address these issues:

  1. Long Term Stewardship of Mitigation Banks. The Resource Protection Group has the expertise and experience to qualify for appointment by the holder of mitigation bank lands as the long-term steward charged with the maintenance and management responsibility of mitigation banks. Mitigation banks are sites where wetlands, streams, uplands buffers and other aquatic resources are restored, created, enhanced and/or protected expressly for the purposes of offsetting expected adverse impacts to similar ecosystems. The goal is to replace the functions and values of the aquatic resources that could be adversely affected by projects authorized under section 404 of the Clean Water Act and/or related state or tribe regulatory programs.
  2. Research Initiatives. The Resource Protection Group funds scientific programs to conduct applied research to develop practical guidance on the implementation of effective aquatic resource protection and restoration techniques, including contributing stormwater systems. The research program will also identify emerging and under-developed aquatic resource issues as well as potential solutions, and encourage policymakers, scientists and funders to direct resources, research and attention to them.
  3. Secure Government Contracts. The Resource Protection Group will potentially bid on contracts issued by local, state and federal government agencies, and foundations, to provide targeted technical services and support related to efforts to provide sound cultural surveys, aquatic resources restoration programs, and improved stormwater management systems.
  4. Sponsor Training Programs. Resource Protection Group will train natural and cultural resource managers around the country to protect, investigate, manage and restore streams, wetlands, stormwater systems, uplands buffers, and cultural and heritage resources. The Corporation will provide customized workshops and conference presentations to provide communities with specific guidance on the types and combinations of practices and tools to apply.
  5. Conduct Archeology Camps. Resource Protection Group will potentially offer fee-based archaeology “camps” to members of the general public to provide them training and experience in the field of cultural heritage management. Through these camps, participants would investigate sites with archaeological potential, and preserve and interpret historic sites and artifacts.