Stream Monitoring


The basic goals for this RFP are to implement appropriate monitoring protocols to document baseline conditions within these restored urban streams, and then to compare these current/initial conditions over time to results from post-restoration/water quality improvement practice implementation and associated monitoring data sets. This work is being conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The primary objectives of this RFP are:

  1. To establish at least two years of baseline rainfall, water flow, water quality, and biological stream monitoring data.
  2. To continue monitoring these metrics while a range of new projects to improve water quality are implemented throughout the watersheds (expected to be accomplished over a two-year period) through a series of future related RFPs.
  3. To further extend the post-implementation monitoring period for two additional years to quantify post-implementation benefits.

Request for Proposals

Amount awarded to date: $1,800,400

Project Web Page, including Real-time Continuous Data Pages for The Glade, Snakeden Branch, and Precipitation Station

Hydrologic, Water-Quality, and Ecological Monitoring and Analysis to Support Stream Restoration Research in Reston, Virginia

Research Reports


Science to Support Stream Restoration Research in Reston, Virginia, April 2022, Brendan Foster, USGS.

USGS Data Release

Benthic macroinvertebrate, fish, and physical habitat data for selected streams in Reston, Virginia. Foster, B.M.., Witt, J.W., and Chambers, D.B., 2022.

Monitoring Site Photos