Stream Monitoring


The basic goals for this RFP are to implement appropriate monitoring protocols to document baseline conditions within these restored urban streams, and then to compare these current/initial conditions over time to results from post-restoration/water quality improvement practice implementation and associated monitoring data sets. This work is being conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The primary objectives of this RFP are:

  1. To establish at least two years of baseline rainfall, water flow, water quality, and biological stream monitoring data.
  2. To continue monitoring these metrics while a range of new projects to improve water quality are implemented throughout the watersheds (expected to be accomplished over a two-year period) through a series of future related RFPs.
  3. To further extend the post-implementation monitoring period for two additional years to quantify post-implementation benefits.

Request for Proposals

Amount awarded to date: $1,367,100

Project Web Page, including Real-time Continuous Data Pages for The Glade, Snakeden Branch, and Precipitation Station

Hydrologic, Water-Quality, and Ecological Monitoring and Analysis to Support Stream Restoration Research in Reston, Virginia

Research Reports

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